Leather & Upholstery Cleaning

Your leather properties is an expensive investment and we believe that replacing it when dull isn’t the smart choice. Instead, utilize our low-cost leather and upholstery restoration services that will restore the shine and mirror finish of the existing leather no matter the age. Our step-by-step restoration process offers guaranteed results that uplift the original color of the leather,

Get it back to original look

Using our high standards of craftsmanship and restoration skills, we can restore your natural leather surfaces back to its original and beautiful appearance.

Sofas and chairs are expensive household items and regular professional cleaning will help to extend their life. Our chosen method is to use hot water extraction. It’s certainly one of the best proven methods for deep upholstery cleaning. Leather cleaning is not an easy task; we clean leather upholstery by hand with prochem leather cleaner before applying the appropriate conditioning cream. This helps preserve the leather.

Our operatives are fully trained to recognize the different fabrics and, if necessary, they will do a colour fast test and pile test before they begin cleaning.

  • Stain Removal
  • Severe Furniture Damage
  • Colour fading

We pride ourselves on our experience, expertise and quality of work that makes us a leading force in the field of leather restoration.



Deep Cleaning





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