Cost of fumigation in Nigeria (Price List)

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In this post, we give you the current cost of fumigation in Nigeria.

Having a pest problem can be one of the most frustrating experience, so I can understand if it is important to you to deal with your pest problem right away!

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Want to know the cost of fumigation in Nigeria? By all means, read on.



What is the cost of fumigation in Nigeria?

Lets get right to it before giving more details. 

The cost of fumigation in Nigeria from Avatex Global concept

fumigation price list in Nigeria
cost of fumigation in Nigeria

a bit about pest control...

Pest control is the act of removing and killing all  animal and insect pests in a particular place.

common pests include rats, mice, cockroaches, house flies etc. Fumigation on the other hand, is one of the methods of pest control. 

It is recommended that at least once every year, a person should fumigate his or her home. 

Being a tropical country, many Nigerian residents have to deal with pests, hence the need for pest control services.

Thankfully, fumigation services have become readily available for all. 

There are different types of packages that you can opt for depending on the fumigation company. These packages cost different prices. 

Sometimes you may have a cockroach endemic and decide to only treat that. The cost for such may not be as much as for a rat-infested house. Other times, one can do general fumigation in the home and the price for this is also different.

 It is very common for people to try to get rid of pests on their own, by buying all kinds of poison and setting traps.

 This however, is not a sustainable way to get rid of pests. The best way is to use pest control services. The cost of fumigation in Nigeria can range from ₦5,000 to ₦100,000 upwards depending on the size of the space and many factors.

what determines The cost of fumigation in Nigeria?

Without boring you with details, there are basically three important factors that determine the cost of fumigation in Nigeria.

These include: The type of fumigation, the type of pest to be eradicated and the square footage of the space to be fumigated.

These factors determine the price of fumigation service, but then different companies set different standards for their cost of fumigation in Nigeria.

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What does the fumigation process look like?

After contracting the services of a fumigation company, the next thing to do is to prepare for their coming. 

To ensure that you get the best out of the process, the following are some precautionary and preparatory steps to take;

  • Arrange all your clothes and books neatly in a box.
  • Remove all food items and edibles from the house, including everything in your fridge (since all electrical appliances will be off and you will not spend the night there).
  • Avoid fumigating water sources to prevent contamination.
  • Avoid staying at the house while fumigation is ongoing unless you’re in a safety gear.
  • Do not sleep in the house that same day. It is advised to move back in 2 -3 after fumigation.

After the fumes and the harsh smell of the chemicals have reduced, you can now go back to your home. Upon entering your home after fumigation, you are highly likely to see dead rodents, cockroaches, flies and all other common household pests.

Your work then is to sweep and pack up these dead pests and dispose of them carefully. Extra care is advised where there are children in the home. 

A cleaning phase comes next, where you sweep, mop, and clean surfaces with a good disinfectant. If you are too busy to do this, you can consider hiring the services of a cleaning company.

Once cleaning is done, you can now arrange all your things back into their positions. 

Going forward, to reduce the number of times you call for pest control services, it’s important to keep every corner of your house as clean as possible.



So we have successfully covered the cost of fumigation in Nigeria and given some extra detail that we feel should be useful information to you.

Please feel free to leave a comment and contact us if you have further questions.

Happy cleaning!

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